06: Developing a New Disruption Theory, with Tom Goodwin

“Companies should be excited by new technology and the changes it means for how people behave. They should have a proactive and open-eyed sense of the world, they should not live in denial, and they should choose their own paths.”

Disruptors approach problems from a different point of view, from a customer-centric perspective, and end up fundamentally shifting any given market to another paradigm, and that to Tom Goodwin, Zenith Media’s Head of Innovation, is the nature of digital Darwinism. In conversation with Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Goodwin shares key insights from his recent book Digital Darwinism that captures the most recent and important developments in business, technology, and innovation. Goodwin explains why leading incumbents find it difficult to engineer their own disruption and offers an alternative to the Clayton Christensen’s Disruption Theory that centers around the concept of paradigm leaps.

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