Episode 12: The Business of Texting, with Bonin Bough

“We enter those four walls, and we forget how humanity operates, and we believe that it can operate in this box that we want to put it in, and that’s the failure of marketing today.” 

Bonin Bough is the Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Bonin Ventures. He is an investor, TV host, and author with over two decades of marketing experience under his belt. In conversation with Vivaldi Chief Creative Officer Tom Ajello, Bonin shares his frustrations with how slow industries are moving to catch up with their customers’ evolving footsteps. Bonin stresses the importance of staying ahead of shifting consumer behaviors and finding opportunities in the deltas created. He believes that emailing has already gone obsolete and that texting is a much more efficient and effective way to connect with consumers. Tune in to find out why messaging might be the browser of our world moving forward.

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Episode 12: The Business of Texting, with Bonin Bough from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.