Episode 13: The Future of Work, with Alejandro Melamed

“Transformation and digital transformation is not doing digital, it’s being digital. Being digital is an issue of mindset – how you approach to the different topics and what is your point of view regarding each of the topics. So being digital is being diverse, agile, mobile, flexible, and being digital is the willingness to adopt new technologies when they appear.”

Internationally recognized lecturer, speaker and futurist, Alejandro Melamed joins us on the Business of Platforms podcast to share insights into the future of work. In conversation with Vivaldi’s Founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Alejandro introduces the concept of “employability,” a critical quality all employees should possess as our world becomes increasingly digital. Tune in to learn more about how organizations can develop employable people for the future, what businesses should do as more Gen Z employees enter the workforce, and how companies can build an agile, interdependent ecosystem.