Episode 19: On Driving Brand Growth, with Pierre-Laurent Baudey

“What do I take away from over 20 years at Nike? It’s this [brand leadership] model. It’s the “Know me,” “Inspire and Innovate for me,” and “Serve me,” and how they sort of feed each other; the depth of your knowledge, the breadth of your inspiration and innovation and the length of your relationship.” 

In today’s highly competitive market, how do brands like Nike continuously stand out? Vivaldi’s CEO Erich Joachimsthaler discusses the modern relationship between brands and consumers with Pierre-Laurent Baudey, a Nike veteran of 22 years, an advisory board member for Tillamook, and brand growth partner with PLB LAB. In this conversation, these two passionate brand-builders dive into what it takes to build a strong brand, discussing necessities both evergreen and new, and the three fundamental and consumer-centric pillars for brand growth. Tune in to learn more about how these pillars operate as growth engines and help brands go beyond communicating brand values to establishing relationships with consumers.

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