Episode 11: Foreseeing the Future of Platform Thinking, with Sangeet Paul Choudary

“We’re in a connected, data-rich world and countries have to think about data to stay competitive, rather than just about resource holding and talent holding.”

Sangeet Paul Choudary is one of the leading consultants and thought leaders on platforms. In conversation with Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Sangeet reflects on the main themes in his book, “Platform Revolution,” that covers the shift from pipelines to platforms over the past five years, analyzes the current landscape, and looks into the future of platform businesses.

Sangeet believes that huge potential lies in industries that are moving towards a digitized platform economy as they unlock new values by building business models that manage data as an asset. Not only does Sangeet apply platform thinking to industries, he is also confident that a platform strategy can help countries attract data flows and become competitive in a connected world.

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Foreseeing the Future of Platform Thinking, with Sangeet Paul Choudary from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Episode 10: How TaskRabbit uses Platform Dynamics to Skip Forward, with Ian Arthurs

Ian Arthurs the Chief Operating Officer of TaskRabbit (and Vivaldi alum) joins us to the discuss the importance of consumer relationships, the human impact of the gig economy, and worldwide expansion plans for TaskRabbit with new parent company Ikea by their side. In conversation with Vivaldi founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Ian shares how growth wouldn’t be possible without the shared partnership between consumer and tasker, a unique two-sided marketplace that has allowed TaskRabbit to flourish into a household name.

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10: How TaskRabbit uses Platform Dynamics to Skip Forward, with Ian Arthurs from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Episode 09: Remixing the Principles of Platform Design, with Simone Cicero

This week on The Business of Platforms, we’re joined by Simone Cicero, creator of the Platform Design Toolkit, to discuss how he’s led an effort to create a shared language for businesses today, how marketers can nurture interactions with a multifaceted ecosystem, and how the open-source Toolkit can accelerate strategy. The Platform Design Toolkit offers a set of design thinking and system modeling canvases to help businesses explore digital and non-digital platforms. In conversation with Vivaldi CMO Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam, Simone discusses the genesis of the toolkit and its evolving role to offer a shared language and tools in our growing age of complexity.

Vivaldi is proud to partner with Simone Cicero to offer the first North American Platform Design Masterclass on March 18-19, 2019. If you’re interested in attending, please email: info@vivaldigroup.com.

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09: Remixing the Principles of Platform Design, with Simone Cicero from AdvertisingWeek on Vimeo.

Episode 08: Recasting Your Business Lens, with Jaime Punishill

An industry leader in translation and localization, Lionbridge has embarked on a journey to shift its business model and rebrand to stay ahead of the pack. Jaime Punishill, CMO at Lionbridge, shares the journey they embarked on to become a transformative platform business. In conversation with our host, Vivaldi CMO Agathe Blanchon-Ehrsam, Jaime shares how Lionbridge has begun to recast the way it structures projects and leverages relationships, both internally among employees and externally with customers to build a dynamic ecosystem. Tune in to find out how transitioning to a platform business can reframe and reposition a company’s core values to unlock hidden opportunities.

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Episode 07: Fueling a Platform with Crowd Power, with Numaan Akram

“Data is collected from the wisdom of the crowds. We often think of data as points on a map or numbers in a database, but there’s a collective wisdom that data-collecting taps into.”

Numaan Akram, founder and CEO of Rally, believes platform businesses depend on the wisdom of the crowd to truly excel. Rally is a crowd-powered travel service that enables rideshare on buses with an underlying goal of connecting those who share a passion. In conversation with our host, Vivaldi CCO Tom Ajello, Numaan discusses how a platform should not only initiate ideas but also invite its customers to create inspiration and engage their own communities. Tune in to learn how the nature of ownership has changed due to the extent to which platforms and consumer behavior impact each other.

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06: Developing a New Disruption Theory, with Tom Goodwin

“Companies should be excited by new technology and the changes it means for how people behave. They should have a proactive and open-eyed sense of the world, they should not live in denial, and they should choose their own paths.”

Disruptors approach problems from a different point of view, from a customer-centric perspective, and end up fundamentally shifting any given market to another paradigm, and that to Tom Goodwin, Zenith Media’s Head of Innovation, is the nature of digital Darwinism. In conversation with Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Goodwin shares key insights from his recent book Digital Darwinism that captures the most recent and important developments in business, technology, and innovation. Goodwin explains why leading incumbents find it difficult to engineer their own disruption and offers an alternative to the Clayton Christensen’s Disruption Theory that centers around the concept of paradigm leaps.

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05: Reaching Game-Changing Connectivity, with SAP’s Alison Biggan

In this episode, SAP’s Chief Product & Field Marketing Officer Alison Biggan provides insight on the latest innovative ways in which connectivity and data exchange help businesses scale, compete, and grow. In conversation with our host Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Alison shares an insider view on how data platforms allow businesses to operate with greater efficiency, from speed to governance across data points, to accomplish improved outcomes with advanced technology. Find out how a game-changing data platform allowed Gustave Roussy, a 2018 SAP Innovation Award winner, one of the world’s premier cancer research institutes and treatment centers, to revolutionize how the organization provides research and offers personalized patient care.

04: Exploring the Priceless Moments of an Iconic Brand Transformation, with Raja Rajamannar

Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Raja Rajamannar shares how the concept of “Priceless” has evolved from its start as an ad campaign to now fueling the organization’s marketing platform, providing tangible value to its 2 billion consumers, the causes its supports, the banks and merchants within the ecosystem. In conversation with our host Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Raja shares the four dimensions in which he measures success in his role: brand, business, competitive advantage, and impact.

03: Curating Spotify’s Playlist for Success, with Mayur Gupta

“Growth cannot be driven by any single function in isolation. We strongly believe it’s a cross-functional effort, where true growth happens at the intersection of product, content, marketing, and many other aspects.”

Spotify’s Global VP of Growth & Marketing Mayur Gupta shares his vision for Spotify’s ecosystem and the three interconnected growth pillars he uses to guide marketing strategy. In conversation with Vivaldi CEO Erich Joachimsthaler, Mayur discusses how the business of marketing has dramatically transformed, requiring marketers to operate cross-functionally to listen and interpret consumer needs in new ways.

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02: Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit, with Aaron Schildkrout

“It’s crucial for leaders to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit within their company. When you do it well you can unwrap hidden value that was previously locked in the system.”

Entrepreneur and growth advisor Aaron Schildkrout reveals the importance of encouraging entrepreneurialism in companies that truly want to thrive. With Aaron’s insights as founder of HowAboutWe and top marketing and data executive at Uber, you’ll be ready to empower your team for the future.

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